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California Governor Jerry Brown is calling on those who answer to a higher authority in his push to get his tax measure on the November ballot.  Brown stood with clergy members from around the state who gathered in Sacramento today (Thursday). Brown told the crowd of priests and ministers that his proposal is fair—because it calls on wealthier Californians to pay more taxes and everyone to pay a quarter-cent more sales tax.


Cut:  0426JO_CLERGY1A  (:07)    “We’re all in it together. And that sense of solidarity has to pull us through this very difficult struggle…”


The ministers are part of a statewide faith-based organizing effort.  They’re vowing to reach out to 100-thousand new voters from their congregations and are urging support for Brown’s tax measure.


Republicans oppose the plan to raise taxes, saying more can be done to curb government spending.


A poll out this week shows a slim majority favors the Governor’s proposed tax initiative 54-percent to 39-percent.


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