Climate Impacts Day Tomorrow

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This Saturday has been declared “Climate Impacts Day.” Environmental groups in California, other states and other countries are staging demonstrations to draw attention to potential weather threats from climate change.

Lynne Nittler with the “Cool Davis Initiative” says participants will take part in a “flash flood mob” on a old earthen levee to show our vulnerability to intense rainstorms:

0504KM_CLIMATE1C– We have three 8-foot-long murals of angry wavy water, with big bright orange dots

The group plans to “connect the dots” of the many climate change threats across the planet.

The levee flash flood mob is one of many demonstrations taking place Saturday affiliated with the environmental group



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PROMO: Environmental groups are staging demonstrations on Climate Impacts Day this Saturday to raise awareness about the weather threats.


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Across California and around the world, environmental groups are staging demonstrations on Climate Impacts Day tomorrow (Saturday). In Sacramento, Kathleen Masterson reports, local groups will head to the vulnerable levees to send a message about climate change.



Predictions suggest climate change will bring more weather extremes, increasing our risk of flooding and drought.

Lynne Nittler with the Cool Davis Initiative says that’s why the group is organizing what it calls a “flash flood mob.” Participants will gather on an old earthen levee outside Davis, holding up murals of angry water to draw attention to the levees’ vulnerability.

But Nittler says the point isn’t just about the local risks:

0504KM_CLIMATE1A — What we’re doing worldwide on this day, is connecting, all the diff weather events happening, the clim change events, to show that it’s not isolated, little happenings with our weather (:14)

A Sacramento State group is also staging a “We’re Under Water” event at a nearby levee.  In theTahoe area a group will be planting 1-thousand sugar pines to absorb carbon dixoide.

[And an adventurous group will camp out by the Dana glacier near Yosemite to unfurl an "I'm Melting" banner.]

In Sacramento, I’m Kathleen Masterson.


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