Initiative Would Change State Budget Process But Compromise Sought



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PROMO: Backers of an initiative that would make some big changes to California’s budget process are discussing a potential compromise with legislative leaders.


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A group called California Forward says it’s ready to turn in signatures for a ballot measure that would make some big changes to the state’s budget process.  But Democratic legislative leaders are wary of some of the measure’s provisions … and as Ben Adler reports from Sacramento, the sides are discussing a compromise.


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California Forward’s measure includes changes like a two-year budget process and a pay-as-you-go requirement.  It would set a 72-hour waiting period before a budget bill could be voted on.  And it would let counties alter state spending mandates.  Roger Salazar represents the campaign:

CAFWD1A / Salazar: “It’s no secret to us that there are some who would prefer not to see any reform initiatives on the ballot.  But the truth is that in some way shape or form, there will be some reform measure on the ballot in 2012 – and what that measure will ultimately be is up to the legislative leadership.” (0:14)

Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg says he’s nervous about several provisions, but others – like requiring performance goals in budgets – make sense.  A deal could lead to the legislature itself placing parts of the California Forward proposal on the November ballot.

Ben Adler, Capital Public Radio news.

At the State Capitol, I’m Ben Adler.


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