Northstate Weather for Tuesday, April 22nd 2014


A quick-moving system brings a few more showers today, mostly in the mountains and foothills. The whole Northstate will see a cooler day than we’ve seen in a while.


*IN THE VALLEY: light winds, slight chance for showers this morning

REDDING:         64/43          CHICO:                       66/44

RED BLUFF:     65/44          OROVILLE:                 68/47


PARADISE:       60/43                   


*FURTHER UP IN THE SIERRA NEVADA: mixed rain and snow showers this morning.

CHESTER:         49/27


*WHERE THE SIERRA NEVADA & CASCADES MEET: rain and snow this morning, then mostly snow after 11. We could see up to an inch today. Winds up to 25 miles an hour today.

WESTWOOD:   43/28


*IN THE CASCADES IN EASTERN SHASTA COUNTY: scattered showers this morning. Near Shingletown: possible mixed snow. Near Burney: winds up to 20 miles per hour all day.

SHINGLETOWN:       51/37         

BURNEY:                     53/30

*IN THE CASCADES IN CENTRAL SISKIYOU COUNTY: showers today, with winds gusting up to 28 miles an hour. Showers possible into the weekend.

SHASTA:              51/32        


*IN THE TRINITY REGION: slight chances for rain all day today, with possible showers all week. Winds around 20 miles per hour today.

WEAVERVILLE:       54/33         

HAYFORK:                  53/32         



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